Our Next Funnel Cake Eating Contest

Prepare Yourselves

Funnel Cake Eating Competition going down at the Food Truck Fest this year on Sept 27 Make sure to visit the Funnel Cake Express Food Truck at the event to learn how you can become a participant

Competition Rules:

  • 5 Participants
  • 5 Minutes on the clock
  • Eat as many Bullet Funnel Cakes (funnel cake with icing sugar, fruit topping, syrup topping, and soft serve ice cream) as you can
Winner – Walks away with a Funnel Cake Express Award Certificate and a $25 Gift Card to Funnel Cake Express
Don`t miss out!

Recap of our last competition

With the Roddick and Federer of competitive eating going head to head, it was sure to be an intense Funnel Cake Eating Championship at King’s Dominion in Doswell, VA.

After regulation, it indeed came down to a tie. Both Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti consumed a world record 5.9lbs of funnel cake. An eat off ensued and Joey downed 1.45lbs to Pat’s 1.04lbs. Crown to Joey.

In third place was Bob Shoudt with 4.8lbs of cake eaten. He was followed by Hall Hunt who downed 3.8lbs of the theme park treat.